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Tapestry Supplier List

Tapestry believes in responsible sourcing and sustainable business practices and principles. Tapestry is committed to 95% traceability of our supply chain by 2025 to ensure a transparent and responsible supply chain.

As part of our ongoing efforts to help ensure that we have a responsible supply chain, we are publishing our list of Tier 1 suppliers (definition below), available through a direct download on this page. Our Tier 1 suppliers can also be found through Open Supply Hub (OS Hub). OS Hub is a third party nonprofit aiming to improve human rights and environmental conditions by enabling supply chain data disclosure. This disclosure represents at least 95% of our Tier 1 suppliers as of December 30, 2023.

To be a Tapestry supplier, each factory is required to adhere to Tapestry’s Global Business Integrity Program, including our Supplier Code of Conduct.

Tapestry’s Tier 1 Supplier List

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Tapestry organizes its direct suppliers into four (4) tiers to help us understand, manage and address opportunities in our supply chain. Tapestry uses these tier definitions in discussing and evaluating our suppliers and also in developing its programs, including the public disclosure of our Tier 1 suppliers.

  • TIER 1: Finished goods factories, where the final transformation of a product occurs. This typically encompasses all cut, sew, packaging and other final functions.

  • TIER 2: Raw material suppliers, like mills and tanneries, where the final transformation of inputs into fabric, leather, hardware or other components occurs. This tier also includes embroidering, beading and washing.

  • TIER 3: Suppliers involved in the processing of raw materials prior to the transformation of those components into finished raw materials.

  • TIER 4: Locations where resource extraction and processing occurs, including farms, forests and mines.